Driver Recruitment
We create a proactive corporate-wide program for recruiting drivers so that it demonstrates the company’s commitment to human resources and customer service.
Driver Training
We understand the importance of defensive driving and safety. Hence, drivers are trained to mitigate the risks, develop their competencies, improve their behavior and work towards a safer environment.
Driver Mentoring
Drivers go through a mentoring process wherein driving skills are tested, in-can assessment is done and a track of drivers’ performance is kept, on a regular basis, by a driver mentor.
Driver Handbook
Drivers are provided a handbook which has vital information such as emergency contact numbers, loading unloading procedures, life saving rules, ER plan, documents to be carried while driving, company policies and journey management guidelines.
Driver League System
Drivers need incentives and appreciation too. Hence, a driver league system has been incorporated wherein the drivers can obtain grades and get rewards accordingly while our company ensures a safer environment.