Working Hours
Drivers are not over burdened with work, hence the working hours & rest hours calculated and monitored in such a way that they drive safely.
Route Hazard Mapping
A route hazard mapping is done on periodic basis, which identifies hazards & threats on route. The stipulated format with site pictures is then cascaded to drivers is TBMs and a hard copy is also given for ready reference.
In vehicle monitoring system device is installed in each vehicle to keep track of vehicles driving violations and touch key usage Defaulters shall go through corrective actions following the driver disciplinary code.
Spot Checks
The vehicles en route are checked to ensure that drivers comply with our company policies and HSE requirements such as wearing seat belt, non use of mobile phones, wearing uniforms, using authorized routes, not carrying unauthorized passengers, applying defensive driving techniques and non use of drugs and alcohol while driving. Checklists are filled in and reports are prepared.
Security Risk Assessment
A wide range of security related risks are identified, categorized and analyzed regularly and reviewed annually. The potential sources of risks include unarmed robbery, armed robbery, pilferage, civil unrest and hijack.